Vivian Babuts is a photographer and artist based in New York City.

Introduced to the camera and darkroom when they were a teenager, they began shooting seriously and studied fine art photography while attending Cornell University summer program for high school students.

They went on to receive their BFA from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Photography and Painting; and received their MFA from California Institute of the Arts, Photo & Media Program.

Their work has been exhibited and performed in New York and Los Angeles, and seen in various publications. They have received awards from Light Work Grants in Photography and the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art.

Vivian Babuts shoots for clients at locations throughout the US and internationally.


Clients include:

Guggenheim Investments
Hilton Worldwide
The Beverly Hilton
PREA/Pension Real Estate Association
HotSox/Renfro Socks
Grass Roots Meetings & Events
Classic Conferences
Strategy Institute
MOCA/Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
MAK Center for Art & Architecture, Los Angeles






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